MAVENTRI Announces Exclusive Partnership with RVA CPAs, Expanding its Expert Tax Services and Adds to its Already Comprehensive List of Client Services

December 12, 2018

As tax season nears, the award-winning full-service digital firm announces an expansion of tax services for its small to mid-size business clients, rounding out its already robust client offerings of bookkeeping, digital marketing and administrative support.

Ashburn, VA (December 12, 2018) – With tax season approaching, MAVENTRI, an award-winning full-service digital firm for small to mid-size businesses, today announced it has formed an exclusive partnership with RVA CPAs, a unique tech-savvy accounting firm. MAVENTRI merges its range of services including bookkeeping, digital design and marketing, human resources, and payroll, with RVA CPAs’ experienced tax services. The partnership comes at an opportune time for MAVENTRI’S roster of small business clients – just as companies are preparing their year-end taxes and reassessing their estimated quarterly tax payments.

“As small business advisors, we seek to add value with each client relationship. Much of that value comes from helping our clients find the best technology for their circumstances, and put in place systems that set them up for success. Our partnership with MAVENTRI provides our clients with access to a team of experts that can flawlessly execute those systems, freeing the owner to focus on their mission. We are truly excited to partner with a firm that shares our passion for empowering entrepreneurs and offering an outstanding client experience” says Michael Maccaroni, Founder of RVA CPAs.

According to a recent survey from Clutch, the leading B2B research, ratings, and reviews company, thirty percent of small businesses believe they overpay their taxes, and now MAVENTRI clients can rely on the experienced tax experts at RVA CPAs. To navigate complicated taxes, this new partnership ensures taxes are handled thoroughly and professionally, at a price small businesses can afford. 

“We found the biggest challenges business owners face are cash flow and time, and they feel they don’t have the resources to hire qualified accountants,” said Wanda Medina, Managing Partner of MAVENTRI. “Our partnership with RVA CPAs solidifies our goal of streamlining and automating the whole process for our small business clients, while continuing to offer comprehensive solutions all under one roof.  It is refreshing to partner with a company who shares our vision for embracing the latest technologies and providing exceptional client service.”

Through the partnership, RVA CPAs is also now able to provide its clients services that MAVENTRI offers, such as bookkeeping, digital design and marketing, human resources, and payroll.  The focus of the digital firm’s accounting and bookkeeping services are to help clients organize, plan, strategize, implement and grow. Digital design and marketing services include graphic design, website design and development, SEO and creating digital content. MAVENTRI’S administrative support services help small businesses manage human resources, payroll, staffing and recruiting, and employee benefits.

By implementing current cloud-based solutions, MAVENTRI improves and streamlines the business processes and offers a customized approach to every company’s unique set of needs and goals. MAVENTRI uses several of leading cloud-based accounting software including Xero, which offers time-saving tools to help small businesses grow. MAVENTRI is also a Xero Certified Advisor and Partner, making them experts and equipped to teach clients how to use the accounting software.

Based on client reviews on Clutch, MAVENTRI was rated the #1 Top Bookkeeping Firm and the #3 Top Accounting Firm for 2018. Clutch also named MAVENTRI one of the Top-Performing Web Designers in the United States in 2018.


MAVENTRI is a results-driven business services firm combining accounting, marketing and technology — all to help businesses succeed without breaking their budget. The company stands out because of its energetic focus on technology and the solutions it delivers to its clients, who trust MAVENTRI with creating change and initiating growth in their businesses.

About RVA CPAs

RVA CPAs is more than a typical, boring tax preparation firm. The tax return itself is merely a scorecard that tells us how we did the prior year. RVA CPAs partners with their clients throughout the year to help them reduce taxes, increase profitability, and free up time. Clients can realize a significant return on the investment they make in a tax planning relationship with RVA CPAs.

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