Want a Successful Business? Avoid These 5 Hiring Mistakes

As a business owner or manager, you have high expectations of your employees. After all, you depend on these people for the success of your operation. Hiring can be time-consuming, and sometimes it is tempting to cut corners by hiring a candidate based on a gut feeling. That may sound like the beginning of an […]

Employee Classifications: Employee vs Contractor vs Intern

contractor vs employee

Whether you’re looking for a job, or you run a business and you’re hiring, it’s essential to understand the difference between employees, contractors and interns. Understanding employee classifications can help business owners to streamline their staffing structure and ensure that they operate above board at all times. What is the difference between employees, contractors and […]

Digital HR: A Roadmap

hr roadmap

For companies that have made the switch to digital, there have been noticeable positive differences in the area of employee analytics, processes and policy management, and on-boarding. The process to move to digital does require a roadmap to avoid mistakes.