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Affordable Housing Compliance Services

Discover how our Affordable Housing Compliance Services can help you navigate complex regulations and ensure the success of your affordable housing initiatives.

Affordable Housing Compliance

We are your Affordable Housing Compliance Department

We can help set up your new affordable housing community in order to be in compliance with Federal and State Agency legal requirements as well as your local governmental agency requirements.  We provide expert consulting services for the Tax Credit Program, Multifamily Mortgage Review BOND, Florida SAIL and SHIP Programs, RAD Program, Public Housing Program and Project Based Section 8 voucher program.

Chief Compliance Officer Betsy Medina

Betsy Medina is our CCO and also our Affordable Housing Compliance expert. Her expertise spans various programs, including Tax Credits, HUD Section 8, Public Housing, and Rural Development, with certifications like NCP-E, HCCP and FHC, and she’s also been an Affordable Housing Advisory Committee board member.

Set up your new Affordable Housing Community

We will set up your new affordable community as required by the legal documents you provide.  We can provide your staff all the information required to monitor compliance, or we can do that for you.

Review and remit monthly/quarterly and/or annual Program Reports for State and or local county agencies

Review or prepare your required monthly/quarterly and/or annual reports and submit to required agency,

Calculate or Update of annual Income and Rent Limits

Update HUD annual income and rent limits for each of your communities according to area median income (AMI) required.

Tax Credit Training

One-on-One Customized basic tax credit program specific to your company’s needs.

Prepare your Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP)

We can help you complete the AFHMP for your affordable communities, if required.

Other Services

Flexible Service Options


Fixed Rate
$ 2,000 Starting At
  • Initial Set up of a New Community
  • Review Development Budget
  • Review of Legal Document and/or Carryforward Agreement
  • Create a Project Summary Sheet
  • Create/Update Manager’s Certification
  • and more!


Tax Credit Program
$ 3,500 per month
  • This includes all the services from review of legal documents, setting up documents for new affordable files, review and approval of all MI files, monthly monitoring of affordable units, training of staff, reporting, recertification, update to income/rent limits, etc., Available for calls and virtual meetings, as needed with prior notice.
  • For Combo Projects (more than one affordable program) - monthly fee will vary according to programs to be monitored.


$ 240 starting per hour
  • Initial Setup of a New Community
  • Review Development Budget, Legal Documents and Carryforward Agreement
  • Create a Project Summary Sheet
  • Create/Update Manager’s Certification
  • Create/update Mapping of Units
  • and more!

A customized approach for a more efficient business.

Did you know...

We Work With

Governmental Agencies

We can help with the monitoring of their affordable housing programs to assure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Affordable Housing Developers

MAVENTRI offers compliance expertise, helping them navigate complex regulations while developing affordable housing projects.

Property Management Companies

Ensuring their properties remain compliant with affordable housing regulations, minimizing risks and ensuring tenants are qualified according to affordable programs.

Benefits of a complete-solution service firm

Precision and Expertise: Certified professionals ensure accurate Affordable Housing Compliance.
Risk Reduction: Certification mitigates legal and financial compliance risks.
Resource Efficiency: Outsourcing to certified experts saves time and resources for other priorities.

All Your Affordable Housing Compliance Questions Answered by Professionals

What is Affordable Housing Compliance, and why is it important?

Affordable Housing Compliance involves adhering to specific regulations and requirements to ensure that housing remains affordable for eligible individuals and families, and it is important to maintain fairness, accessibility, and affordability in housing markets.

How can MAVENTRI help my organization with Affordable Housing Compliance?

MAVENTRI can assist your organization with Affordable Housing Compliance by providing auditing, documentation, and consulting services to ensure that your affordable housing initiatives meet all regulatory standards and remain in compliance.

What are the potential consequences of non-compliance with affordable housing regulations?

The potential consequences of non-compliance with affordable housing regulations may include fines, legal actions, loss of funding, and reputational damage, which can significantly impact your organization's finances and operations.

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