Digital HR: A Roadmap

May 29, 2018

The digital revolution is impacting all aspects of business, creating efficiencies and streamlining processes. Historically, Human Resources was not included in these transformational changes as it wasn’t clear what impact of a digital shift would have on that department. For those companies that have made the switch, there have been noticeable positive differences in the area of employee analytics, processes and policy management, and on-boarding. The process to move to digital does require a roadmap to avoid mistakes.

Start With What You Have

Before you begin the shift to a digital environment, you need to know what your department’s skill level is currently. If computers are simply a tool for spreadsheets, there will be additional work needed to successfully migrate to all digital resources. Involve the other departments, especially information technology, in this initial audit. Learn what the infrastructure can support as well as where the key agents for both buy-in and resistance lie within the organization.

Envision and Map It Out

HR needs to be the lead on establishing a vision of how technology and digital is leveraged in the department. The more specific the vision, the better it is for all involved. Specific goals allow for successful implementations. For example, if one of the milestones for the digital transformation is to reduce paperwork, select specific documents to digitize, and — assuming there are no compliance factors surrounding that particular paper — execute the plan to digitize it.

It’s also necessary to involve key stakeholders in the development of the vision and roadmap. Departments like IT and Executive Management always have a place in a project like this, but consider having a representative from the group of end users to give feedback. Establish clear metrics for measuring the success of the implementation so that everyone can see if there is progress.

Fire Away

Once you have the plan in place, you need to pull the trigger and begin the process without looking back. The benefits of a digital HR department include faster on-boarding, improved paperwork processes and greater engagement from employee analytics. If you don’t choose to go digital, you may be missing out on opportunities that could transform your business.

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